Seppo Sagulin, entrepreneur

In the early 1990s, a young man interested in entrepreneurship and mechanical engineering is dreaming about establishing his own business. Finland is in deep recession and there has been an avalanche of bankrupt businesses. Even in his own home town, one vendor kept track of how many bankruptcies there had been in only a matter of months.
Despite all of that, Seppo Sagulin buys a closed-down workshop from Ostrobothnia and launches his business in the tool-shed at his farm. The idea was to renovate water ring pumps used in farms and detached houses, do subcontracting and take commissions. Parts were turned and cut, and water pumps were sent all over Finland on an exchange principle.

In 1997, a local sheet metal contractor asks Sagulin to design and turn the rolls for a roofing sheet machine. Already a few months later, the machine is successfully used for manufacturing the roof sheeting for the local primary school. Inspired by this, Sagulin begins the development and manufacturing of sheet metal manufacturing and processing machinery. When the recession was over in Finland, construction started again, and the demand for machinery and equipment grew rapidly.

In 2000, Sagulin acquired a 500 m2 industrial hall near Kivijärvi city. In the early 21st century, the company developed a wide range of decoilers, roll former machines, cutters, custom machinery etc.

The year 2005 was important for product development: SS-Työsto manufactured its first corner protector machine. The corner protector machine is used for making corner protector for packing sheet metal rolls.

As the economy was at its peak in 2007, SS-Työstö Oy was commissioned to make 8 automated corner protector machines. The automated machines were developed from a floor model and installed for the client during 2008. Since then, a second development version was made from the machine, which was the subject of the thesis by Hannu Sjösten, an employee of the company.
At the same time, the finger jointing machine necessary for joining wood for packaging was also developed and manufactured. The finger jointing and corner protector machines were delivered as a part of the packaging lines supplies by Pesmel Oy from Kauhajoki.

The year 2013 is an important milestone for the entrepreneur, as the next generation became involved in the business. Joona Sagulin graduated from the Viitasaari vocational school and is already working full-time, drawing machines in a 3D design programme. Having inherited an interest in technology from his father, the young man already has extensive work experience ranging from the construction of a microcar and the priming of a moped to maximising the capacity of a diesel engine.

SS-Työstö Oy is constantly developing its operations. A new industrial hall was completed in 2015, enabling the company to tackle even larger projects.

SS-Työstö has also invested extensively in its own staff and know-how. We have world-class expertise in engineering and 3D design. In 2019, altogether 6 – 10 people are employed at our factory at Kivijärvi. We are genuinely proud of our staff.

From a farmhand to an entrepreneur

“I consider the start of my own technological revolution to have been in the late 1970s/early 1980s, when I was 11 and attached a chain saw to my bike to give it extra speed. This vehicle took me to lots of places, until the frame broke apart. Then, I moved on to mopeds, which is a whole other story. In any case, all the farm work I did in my youth as well as the opportunities I had for modifying different vehicles at home have played a key role in the existence of SS-Työstö Oy.”

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